Symondsbury Parish Council
West Dorset

Monday, 2nd August 2021

The responsibilities of Symondsbury Council

Symondsbury Parish Council is on the Steering Group of BLAP (Bridport Local Area Partnership). The Local Government Act 2000 requires each local authority to prepare a 'Community Strategy' which will be based on the aspirations, needs and priorities expressed by local people and organisations. Community strategies will be developed by partnerships of councils, public service agencies, voluntary organisations, business groups and local communities. The content of these strategies will reflect the views and needs of local people which will be identified through community planning processes. The community strategies will then guide and co-ordinate the actions of local authorities, service agencies and other organisations. The Steering Group will provide a point of contact for local organisations and communities, for sharing information and for co-ordinating activities.

Other tasks include:
Planning Applications, Villages Parish Plan, Footpath Maintenance, Allotments, Roads and Transport Surveys, etc.

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